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Shane Aspegren

Karl Van Welden

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Brunch | Exhibition | Performance

Traces and Conversations

25 March 10.30 AM- 3.30 PM 

Karl Van Welden,  video Homo Bulla  + lecture performance at 11.30 pm
Shane Aspegren, Conversations work-in-progress (sound loop, photos, video)
+ performance by Jason Yap 12.30 - 3.30 pm
Free entrance, RSVP required:
WING, 21F, Chai Wan Industrial City 2, Sheung On Street, Chai Wan

Lecture Performance by Karl Van Welden at 6 pm

Free entrance / RSVP required

On 25 March WING opens its doors to visitors to explore the work of resident artists Shane Aspegren (HK) and Karl Van Welden (BE).


Shane Aspegren’s residency at WING (5th March – 30th April) uses the starting point of an existing archive of “unfinished” sound loops to provoke conversations with invited guests. Staged with the pretense of performance but executed with a casual interaction of daily life, each visitor is in-turn asked to become an integral part of an ongoing, communal improvisation through recorded interactions. The process is invited to morph over the course of the residency as a living feedback loop and is intended to be experienced as a living work-in-progress, using personal exchanges to explore the nature (and result) of human interaction, intimacy and social anxieties, as well as provoking questions related to authorship, production, performance, editing, selection and presentation. 

During his residency from 21 March till 5 April Karl Van Welden will focus on the phenomenon of traces and the remains that stretch over a travelled path, revealing previous presence and local habits. In his work traces appear consciously, but more often they linger in the realm of the unconscious. In Hong Kong, Karl Van Welden will sharpen his focus on his fascination for the verticality of the city. His residency in Hong Kong will allow Van Welden to explore a new dimension in his work, triggered by the contrast between the horizontality of the Flemish countryside and verticality of the city of Hong Kong. In this perspective, the artist will re-create his performance Homo Bulla that was presented during the latest Venice Biennale at Dark Matters Games. Homo Bulla is a performance that takes place on several locations in the city. From 22 till 24 March a bubble will appear on irregular moments, leaving only a trace of smoke as it disappears. Homo Bulla is an intervention that infiltrates in public life as an ephemeral insert in real time. It contains a disarming poetic potential in a contemporary interpretation of the Vanitas tradition. A video of the performance will be on view in WING on 25 March.




Shane Aspegren


Shane Aspegren (b. 1975, USA) is currently based in Hong Kong. Working across various media, his projects often juxtapose obsessively-fixed elements with temporal or improvised aspects—many of which function within a collaborative or otherwise responsive nature. In the field of music, Aspegren has made dozens of studio albums, one-off projects & world tours, in addition to numerous soundtracks and sound design. Alongside other current projects, he is co-founder of the music group Blood Wine or Honey and founder of the Hong Kong based production studio Bellows. Aspegren's work has been commissioned or presented by museums and art spaces across North America, Europe, and Asia, including Art Basel (Hong Kong), Anthology Film Archives (NYC), Festival International du Cinéma Méditerranéen (Montpellier), Palazzo Reale (Milan), Para Site (Hong Kong), Rossi & Rossi (Hong Kong) and Shanghai Gallery of Art (Shanghai).



Karl Van Welden


In 2006 Karl Van Welden (°1980, Belgium) initiated United Planets, a cycle of visual and performative work based on terrestrial or human presence in the universe. Using the planets in our solar system as anchor points he questions the relation between humankind and the immensity of the universe with a predilection for silenced movement and architectural forms. His work has been presented in the context of performing arts as well as visual arts, including Festival Van Vlaanderen (BE), Vooruit (BE), Gessnerallee (CH), M HKA (BE), Kaaitheater (BE), Frascati (NL), Festival Uzès Danse (FR), PACT Zollverein (DE), Workspacebrussels (BE). His residency in WING is supported by WP Zimmer (BE) and the Flemish Community.


Brunch | 展覽 | 演出




Shane Aspegren - Karl Van Welden


3月25日, 星期日,上午10時半至下午3時半

上午11時半,Karl Van Welden: Homo Bulla錄像放映  + 演出講座

Shane Aspegren:《對話》創作進行式 (聲音迴路、攝影、錄像)

+ 葉健明現場演出,中午12時半至下午3時半




Shane Aspegren,影像(#29)與盤彦燊《對話》16.3.18, 2018


Karl Van Welden, Homo Bulla, 鉛筆紙本,2017

Shane Aspegren在永天台的駐留(3月5日至4月30日)利用一段現有的「未完成」聲音迴路檔案作為起點,以引發與應邀嘉賓的對話。以演出作為幌子,卻利用日常生活的隨意互動來做秀,透過被錄音的互動對話,每位觀眾也將輪流被邀請參與一個不斷發展又須合力完成的即興創作,成為其中不可或缺的一部份。該過程將在駐留期間繼續演變成為活的聲音迴路回應,並欲意作為一個活的進行式體驗,以人與人之間的交流去探索人類互動、親密和社交焦慮的本義(及其結果),還會挑起與作者、作品、表演、編輯、選擇與呈現相關的問題。


在3月21日至4月5日的駐留期間,Karl Van Welden將聚焦於痕跡與其遺留物的現象,這些痕跡申延出一條行走路線,揭示了從前的存在與本身的習慣。在他的作品裡,痕蹟有意識地出現,但更多的時候徘徊於無意識的領域。身在香港,Karl Van Welden將更專注於他對城市垂直性的迷戀。香港的駐留將引發他對於佛蘭芒鄉郊的水平性與及香港城市的垂直性的對比,讓 Van Welden 探索其作品的另一層面。從這個角度,藝術家將重構他最近在威尼斯雙年展期間的暗黑質藝術節(Dark Matter Games)中展演的作品Homo Bulla(人生如泡影)。Homa Bulla將在城中幾個不同地點演出。3月22日至24日,泡沫將在不規則的時段出現,消失時只留下一絲煙踪。Homo Bulla是短暫地實時切入以混進公眾生活的介入作品。在虛空派(Vanitas)傳統的當代註釋上,它具令人解除武裝的詩意潛質。演出的錄影片段將於3月25日在永天台播放。



Shane Aspegren


Shane Aspegren(生於1975年,美國)目前以香港為創作基地。他涉獵不同藝術媒介,作品時以二元對立的角度切入,將執迷不變的元素與臨時或即興的特點並置 一 很多時候在協作或回應的本質上運行。


在音樂領域方面,Aspegren推出過數十張音樂專輯、許多獨立專案及到世界各地巡迴演出,亦從事多方面的配樂創作及音響設計。他更是樂隊Blood Wine or Honey的聯合創辦人,以及香港一家製作室Bellows的創辦人。Aspegren的作品曾獲北美、歐洲及亞洲的博物館和藝術空間委約創作或展出,其中包括巴塞爾藝術展(香港)、經典電影資料館(紐約)、蒙彼利埃地中海國際電影節(蒙彼利埃,法國)、米蘭那不勒斯皇宮(米蘭)、Para Site藝術空間(香港)、Rossi & Rossi 畫廊(香港)以及滬申畫廊(上海)。


Karl Van Welden


2006年,Karl Van Welden(生於1980年,比利時)發起了United Planets(「聯合行星」),一個根據地球或人類存在於宇宙的視覺及表演藝術作品循環。利用我們太陽系的行星作為碇泊點,他偏重以無聲的動作及建築造型質疑人類與宇宙無限之間的關係。他的作品曾以表演藝術和視覺藝術形式展現於Festival Van Vlaanderen 法蘭德斯國際音樂節(比利時)、Vooruit藝術中心(比利時)、Gessnerallee劇院(瑞士)、M HKA安特衛普當代藝術博物館(比利時)、布魯塞爾Kaaitheater劇院(比利時)、Frascati劇院(荷蘭)、Uzès Danse當代舞蹈節(法國)、PACT Zollverein劇院(德國)及Workspacebrussels藝術空間(比利時)等 。他在永天台的駐留獲WP Zimmer表演藝術工作室(比利時)和比利時佛蘭芒社區的支持。

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