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􀿞􀥠􀝣􀜈􀚓􄯍􀬛􅂶􀰍􀞝􅊰􃲍􁮱􁉳􀥊􅻫􆂬􀨹􀳴􄜗􆘥􅃻􀕈􀔏􀤹􁌱􁪜􀕕􀖢􀟝􀒅􄌔􁤒􁄍􅻫􆂬􅲈􆆙􆆽􅻫􆂬􀿞􀥠􀝣􀜈􀚓􄯍􀬛􅂶􀰍􀞝􅊰􃲍􁮱􁉳􀥊􅻫􆂬􀨹􀳴􄜗􆘥􅃻􀕈􀔏􀤹􁌱􁪜􀕕􀖢􀟝􀒅􄌔􁤒􁄍􅻫􆂬􅲈􆆙􆆽􅻫􆂬 􀙈􀙮􀓞􅆾􀌶􀖢􀟝􀮒􀮋􀷝􆉎􀰺􅲈􀶲􁀜􀌵􃵕􅲈􆬴􀒅􅲈􀰍􀓞􁩸􀴱􁔱􆘥􀖒􁬪􆙤􆙍􁌱􀹛􁎣􆯎􀤒􀌶􀀃􀿞􀥠􀝣􀜈􀚓􄯍􀬛􅂶􀰍􀞝􅊰􃲍􁮱􁉳􀥊􅻫􆂬􀨹􀳴􄜗􆘥􅃻􀕈􀔏􀤹􁌱􁪜􀕕􀖢􀟝􀒅􄌔􁤒􁄍􅻫􆂬􅲈􆆙􆆽􅻫􆂬􀙈􀙮􀓞􅆾􀌶􀖢􀟝􀮒􀮋􀷝􆉎􀰺􅲈􀶲􁀜􀌵􃵕􅲈􆬴􀒅􅲈􀰍􀓞􁩸􀴱􁔱􆘥􀖒􁬪􆙤􆙍􁌱􀹛􁎣􆯎􀙈􀙮􀓞􅆾􀌶􀖢􀟝􀮒􀮋􀷝􆉎􀰺􅲈􀶲􁀜􀌵􃵕􅲈􆬴􀒅􅲈􀰍􀓞􁩸􀴱􁔱􆘥􀖒􁬪􆙤􆙍􁌱􀹛􁎣􆯎􀤒􀌶􀀃􀿞􀥠􀝣􀜈􀚓􄯍􀬛􅂶􀰍􀞝􅊰􃲍􁮱􁉳􀥊􅻫􆂬􀨹􀳴􄜗􆘥􅃻􀕈􀔏􀤹􁌱􁪜􀕕􀖢􀟝􀒅􄌔􁤒􁄍􅻫􆂬􅲈􆆙􆆽􅻫􆂬 􀙈􀙮􀓞􅆾􀌶􀖢􀟝􀮒􀮋􀷝􆉎􀰺􅲈􀶲􁀜􀌵􃵕􅲈􆬴􀒅􅲈􀰍􀓞􁩸􀴱􁔱􆘥􀖒􁬪ABOVE THE WEATHER | 氣象事外 (2015)

The Bureau of Melodramatic Research


1 May 2016, 19:00




“I’m slicker than an oil spill”    - Pitbull -


WING is thrilled to present ABOVE THE WEATHER on May 1st, 2016 at 7 pm.

With film, performance and karaoke The Bureau of Melodramatic Research will take the audience on a journey through time and space, examinating the phenomenon of alienation in the context of global warming and climate change.


ABOVE THE WEATHER, the third part of the Alien Passions trilogy, takes the form of a road movie set in the atmosphere of a classical 50’s Hollywood melodrama, shot against a background of industrial scenery from today’s Romania, with shabby oil pumps and derelict gas tanks. It makes reference to Douglas Sirk’s Written on the Wind (1957), taking the title literally, and hinting at the immaterial aspects of weather, and to the materiality of emotions, to the circuit linking affective and natural climates. It is a play on different temporalities, and follows how the end of humanity is recontextualized across different epochs – a 20’s poem by Sara Teasdale on extinction, a 50’s nuclear SF radio show, and the 80’s Turkish Eurovision song Petrol. Last chance to see it.


The Bureau of Melodramatic is currently presenting the performance Protect Your Heart at Work, the first part of the Alien Passions trilogy in the exhibition South by Southeast. A Future Surface curated by Patrick Flores and Anca Verona Mihulet in Times Museum Guangzhou.


Set against the backdrop of the postindustrial neighborhood of Chai Wan, overlooking the typhoon shelter with its tons of paper waste and cruiseships passing by, ABOVE THE WEATHER is a one time event in Hong Kong. Peak experience meets peak oil. Warm up your voice and spirits! 




The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, created by Alina Popa and Irina Gheorghe, is a dependent institution engaged in examining how key elements of melodrama are currently at the core of economic production and political spectacle. BMR adopts melodramatic tactics to reveal and subvert patterns of valorization, which are presently legitimizing and perpetuating the capitalist system by studying specific cases locally and abroad. Among its recent activity is the founding of the online Radio Prolife in Bucharest, hacking back the life from Prolife and expanding it to a non-reductionist spectrum - including both diverse forms of life, human and nonhuman and forms of death, biological and political. Other actions include a research on the Soul of Sustainability in Vienna and Bucharest, offering Creativity Counseling for Artists in Warsaw, surveying the Gross National Heel in Chişinău, Moldova and the revealing of the Ghirțoiu / Stănescu Archive.








「我比漏油更油腔滑調 」美國古巴裔樂壇Hip hop天王Pitbull





《氣象事外》是疏離與激情三部曲(Alien Passions trilogy)的第三部,採用了公路電影的形式,配合經典的50年代荷里活文藝片氣氛,以今天的羅馬尼亞工業區風景作背景,破舊的油泵、廢置的氣罐盡入眼簾。作品亦參考德國電影導演道格拉斯‧ 瑟克(Douglas Sirk)的《苦雨戀春風》(Written on the Wind)(1957年),更直接採用其字面標題,暗示天氣的無形和情感的具體性,以連接情感和自然氣候的脈絡。作品利用不同的時序,並循著人類滅亡的各個時代去重定情境 - 一篇20年代莎拉‧ 蒂斯黛爾 (Sara Teasdale)有關滅絕的詩、一個50年代核能科幻小說電台廣播節目,及一首80年代歐洲歌唱大賽土耳其代表唱出的《汽油》。抓緊欣賞的最後機會。


通俗劇研究局最近正為廣州的廣東時代美術館《東南偏南。一個平面的延展》展覽演出疏離與激情三部曲的第一部《工作時保護你的心》(Protect Your Heart at Work),該展覽由Patrick Flores及Anca Verona Mihulet 共同策展。







通俗劇研究局,由Alina Popa 和Irina Gheorghe創辦,是一家專門研究通俗情節劇元素如何成為現代經濟生產和政治奇觀核心的非獨立研究機構。研究局採用誇張煽情的手法,以本地和海外的具體案例揭示和顛覆目前獲官方認可並不斷地鞏固資本主義制度的物價穩定措施模式。其最近的眾多行動當中,包括在羅馬尼亞首都布加勒斯特成立網上電台Radio Prolife,入侵網絡奪回維護生命的主導權,並將之擴大到非還原論的光譜 - 包括生物性和政治性的多樣生命形式、人類與非人類和死亡的形式。其他行動包括進行維也納及布加勒斯特靈魂的可持續發展研究;為華沙的藝術家提供創意諮詢;調查摩爾多瓦首都奇西瑙的國民後腳跟總值和揭露 Ghirțoiu / Stănescu 檔案。



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