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Sonic Amass

Samson Cheung, Jérémy Chevalier, Julie Semoroz and Fuk Kuen Wong

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Workshop | Performative Sound Installation | Party

21 June from 3 to 10 pm : workshop 

23 June from 6 to 10 pm  : performative sound installation and party 

Place : WING   (please note evening entry)
Registration :

To celebrate Midsummer, WING is delighted to present Sonic Amass, an ongoing audio project by Julie Semoroz. 
Designed as an in-situ program taking place in WING and its surroundings over a period of three days, Sonic Amass first takes the shape of a workshop and develops into a laboratory for sound improvisation during the following days. 
A team of sound artists will of­fer participants the chance to record and collect various objects to be manipulated and transformed into a sound piece and installation. By mixing sounds and noises of Chai Wan, a place known for its semi-industrial as well as residential character between sea and mountains, we will create a sound metaphor that reflects plural identities of daily life in the area—a patchwork of sounds, objects, beings, thoughts and words.
Together with the participants, the artists will develop a new acoustic space to rediscover a known territory for some or to create from an unknown territory for others. Sonic Amass thus explores the possibilities to merge multiple identities within a specific situation and the capacity to share views, ideas, sounds and voices, an experience unique to each venue.
For this 2018 edition, Sonic Amass is developed in collaboration with members of the Namiji Collective, Samson Cheung and Fuk Kuen Wong, with the support of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Hong Kong and Pro Helvetia.
Workshop on 21 June from 3 to 10 pm
The participants are invited to collect or to bring objects (found, personal objects, objectS found in the area …) and are invited to record sounds in the area with K7 players provided by the organizer, in a close encounter and in a creative exchange with the artists. 

Performative Sound Installation and party on 23 June from 6 to 10 pm
Presentation :WING Platform for Performance, Hong Kong.
Curator: Julie Semoroz
Artists: Samson CheungJérémy ChevalierFuK Kuen Wong and Julie Semoroz
Supports: Pro HelvetiaThe Consulate Gene­ral of Switzerland in Hong Kong
Production: Association Motonomy
Links of Sonic Amass in 2015:
Special thanks to: Sound Pocket and Andreas Rufer




+ 天台仲夏派對!


聲音實驗室:與聲音藝術家張才生、Jérémy Chevalier、Julie Semoroz、黃福權有個約會


6月21日(星期四) - 下午3時至晚上10時一工作坊

6月23日(星期六) - 晚上6時至10時一聲音裝置演出+ 仲夏派對




為迎接炎炎仲夏,永天台誠邀你參與Julie Semoroz一個持續創作的聲音藝術項目《攢聲》Sonic Amass。


《攢聲》Sonic Amass利用三天時間於永天台及其周邊環境就地取材,先以工作坊形式開放予參加者,隨後幾天則發展成一個即興演奏實驗室。



藝術家們將與參加者一起開發新的聲音空間,或重新發掘已知的領域,或在未知領域中創作。《攢聲》Sonic Amass探索特定情況下合併多重身份的可能性,以及分享觀點、想法、聲音和人聲的能力,為不同場地帶來獨一無二的體驗。


這2018年版本的《攢聲》Sonic Amass與玩聲組合「波寺」成員張才生及黃福權共同創作,並獲瑞士駐香港總領事館及瑞士藝術基金會支持。






聲音裝置演出,6月23日(星期六) ,晚上6時至10時+ 仲夏派對

主辨: 永天台
策展人:Julie Semoroz
參與藝術家: 張才生、Jérémy Chevalier、黄福權及Julie Semoroz
製作:Association Motonomy
2015《攢聲》Sonic Amass連結:
特別鳴謝:聲音掏腰包及Andreas Rufer




永天台 , Unit 2102, 21/F,Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 2, 70 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan, Hong Kong



Please note: Entrance during evening hours through Parking City Phase 2 on Sheung On Street. 


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