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Gilles Polet, Jack-In-The-Box
Gilles Polet, Jack-In-The-Box
Gilles Polet, Jack-In-The-Box


Gilles Pollet


Residency, Performances and Workshops in Hong Kong
11-30 November 2015



Gilles Polet, a dancer and choreographer living and working in Belgium stays in Hong Kong from 11 till 30 November to work on his project Jack-in-the-Box.


At the basis of Gilles Polet’s research raises the question: “How restrain can be a motor to move?” The choreographer is interested to look at the possibilities of performance and movement within confined situations and how a socio-cultural context has an influence on artistic expression.


In 2014 Gilles Polet started his research for Jack-in-the-Box in Iran where he participated in ‘The Untimely Festival” organised by Invisible Centre for Contemporary Dance (ICCD). Contemporary dance being forbidden in Iran the country was an interesting starting point for his research.


In Hong Kong Gilles Polet will continue his project in a totally different environment. While contemporary dance is far from forbidden in the city it has to deal with other restrictions specific to Hong Kong such as space and time.


Through different workshops and performances Gilles Polet will explore the city of Hong Kong and share his ideas on performance in a dialogue with the local community. 



Participating partners, events and venues:


Y-Space, i-Dance Festival :


Nov 15 at 2.30 pm : Jack-in-the-Box, performance in Lik Wing Tong Study Hall, Kam Tin

Nov 18 & 20 from 10 to 11.30 am : workshop lead by Gilles Polet in Y-theatre, Kwai Chung

Nov 20 at 8 pm : Improvisation Land 60, participation in improvisation in Kwai Tsing Theatre, Kwai Chung


Things That Can Happen :


Nov 22 to 25 from 2 to 6 pm : workshop lead by Gilles Polet in Things That Can Happen, Sham Shui Po

Nov 25 at 8 pm : Jack-in-the-Box, performance by Gilles Polet in Things That Can Happen, Sham Shui Po in collaboration with Alice Rensy


WING | Platform for Performance:


Nov 26 at 8 pm : Jack-in-the-Box : performance by Gilles Polet



Belgian Spirit by Nationa(a)l / PMQ


Nov 28 at 7pm: Jack in the Box, performance by Gilles Polet in PMQ


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