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Joshua Serafin

Performance Talk and Workshop

Performance and Talk

During a close encounter Joshua Serafin will perform excerpts of I.B. 99085 and Void and share his thoughts about the performances he is currently working on. The main focus in his recent creations is on various states of being. He is interested in the capacity to access and articulate memories, ideas, sensations, fantasies and desires and to embody these in a physical manifestation. He investigates how the internal process of perception and memory in relation to external impulses can resonate in physical and tactile images he identifies as personas or alter identities. Notions of the “ideal body” and “ideal identity” in relation to a dystopian future are key elements in his work.

18 September, 7 PM (doors open 6.30 PM)

Venue: WING | Platform for Performance, 21F, Chai Wan Industrial City 2, Sheung On Street, Chai Wan



The workshop aims at gaining consciousness of the entire body to design a physical composition that questions notions of the “ideal body” and “ideal identity”. Starting with a discussion, the workshop will focus on the idea of manipulating the body through an understanding of the desires and fantasies of the participants in relation to the context and environment they live in. The artist will propose tools to benefit the participant’s agency to explore the creation of a persona or alter identity. The workshop will end with a sharing of the created material.

17 September, 11 AM – 5 PM

Venue: WING | Platform for Performance, 21F, Chai Wan Industrial City 2, Sheung On Street, Chai Wan



Joshua Serafin is a dancer, performer, and maker born in the Philippines and living in Brussels. He is a graduate of Philippine High School for the Arts where he majored in Theatre Arts. He studied at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a major in Contemporary dance and recently graduated from P.A.R.T.S. He currently is an artist in residence at Bellas Artes Projects in Manila where he does research on Philippine gay pageant culture, a subject he will further explore during his stay in Hong Kong. He has collaborated with multiple artists in Asia and Europe ranging from performance to visual arts such as Arco Renz, Eisa Jocson, Manuel Pelmus, Bruno Isacović, Ming Wong, Adrian Wong, Choy Ka Fai, Leeroy New, and more. He has presented his work in Queer Zagreb and Bouge B Festival in deSingel. His work currently deals with questions about identity, states of being and ways of inhabiting the body. He is interested in the duality between the physical form and its representation manifested through the alter identity he created called “Void”.


I.B. 99085

Choreographed by: Joshua Serafin 

In collaboration with: Rita Alves

Artistic Direction and Movement coach: Rasa Alksnyte

Music Composer: Marc Appart



Joshua Serafin




Joshua Serafin 將分享近期創作的所思所想。跟他近距離接觸的同時,亦能一睹他的作品選段,包括:I.B. 99085、《 細菌傳播》Bacterial Transmission 及《虚無》Void。這些近作也著眼於存在狀態這題材。藝術家對於記憶、意念、感覺、幻想和慾望讀取及表達的能力深感興趣,並以形體展現這些概念。他亦研究內在感知及記憶的過程跟外在動機連繫,如何與身體和觸覺的印像共鳴,並將其歸納為人物角色或身份變換。「理想身體」、「理想身份」與反烏托邦未來相關的概念,亦是他作品的重要元素。

















Joshua Serafin生於菲律賓、居於布魯塞爾,是位舞者、表演者及創作人。他於菲律賓藝術中學(Philippine High School for the Arts)畢業,主修戲劇。及後於香港演藝學院就讀,主修現代舞,並剛畢業於比利時表演藝術訓練及研究所(P.A.R.T.S.)。最近,他應邀到馬尼拉任Bellas Artes Projects駐場藝術家,研究菲律賓同志選美文化。他曾與亞洲和歐洲多位表演及視覺藝術家合作,包括Arco Renz、Eisa Jocson、Manuel Pelmus、BrunoIsacović、黃漢明(Ming Wong)、王浩然(Adrian Wong)、徐家輝(Choy Ka Fai)及Leeroy New等。他的作品曾在克羅地亞的Queer Zagreb和比利時deSingel 國際藝術中心的Bouge B Festival發表。他近期的作品關注身份角色、存在狀態及存藏於身體的方式。他對物理形式與其表達的固有二元深感興趣,而這種形式通過他所創造,稱之為「虛無」的變異身份表現出來。



作品:I.B. 99085 

編舞:Joshua Serafin 

協作:Rita Alves

藝術總監及形體指導:Rasa Alksnyte

作曲:Marc Appart

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