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Preah Kunlong. The Path of the Spirits


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Workshop | Performance

15 September at 6 PM : Performance

15 and 16 September from 10 AM to 4 PM : Workshop 

Venue : WING   (Please note evening entry)

WING is delighted to host artist Khvay Samnang and choreographer Nget Rady for a workshop and performance to open the new season. 


The performance and video Preah Kunlong (2017) features choreographer Nget Rady wearing a series of animal’s masks, dancing amidst the rainforest in the Areng Valley in Cambodia, known as one of Southeast Asia’s last great wilderness areas. The masks have been made during Khvay Samnang’s two-year research in collaboration with the Chong community. Through the collection of stories about indigenous beliefs, the masks are inspired by totems and represent the spirits of animals living in the forest. While wearing the masks, the dancer progressively transforms himself into a hybrid creature, inhabited by the spirits. 


With Preah Kunlong both artists reflect on the animist beliefs of the Chong community magnifying the empowerment and agency of a nature endowed with its own interiority and subjectivity. Their representation somehow echoes the myth of a Golden Age when harmony existed between nature and all creatures, a discourse reactivated today in resistance to ecological threats and the contemporary breakup with nature. In the radically different concrete jungle of Hong Kong, Rady will improvise an alternative version of Preah Kunlongattentive to the present situation of the city and its relation to nature.

Based on the artists awareness of ecological balance and their search to reconnect with nature, the workshop aims at sharing their work process with artists and researchers from various fields. Combining dance and visual art in an innovative way, their collaboration moves beyond disciplines as they continuously investigate alternative ways of working together. 

The performance and workshop are organized in collaboration with Edouard Malingue Gallery as part of the exhibition Constructing Mythologies scurated by Caroline Ha Thuc. A discussion on art and ecology in Cambodia between the curator and the artists will take place at Edouard Malingue Gallery on 14 September. 

Program details of the workshop and performance Preah Kunlong: 


Performance: 15 September, 6 PM

Workshop: 15-16 September, 10 AM – 4 PM

Venue: WING, 21F, Industrial City 2, Sheung On Street, Chai Wan




Program details of the exhibition Constructing Mythologies:


Opening: 13 September, 6-8 PM

Exhibition: 14 September – 25 October 2018

Talk: 14 September, 6PM.  Khvay Samnang and Nget Rady in discussion with Caroline Ha Thuc on art and ecology in Cambodia.

Venue:  Edouard Malingue Gallery, Hong Kong, Sixth floor, 33 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong





成仙之路》Preah Kunlong

科威·森南(KHVAY SAMNANG)與猴角(NGET RADY) (柬埔寨)





《成仙之路》Preah Kunlong(2017)以現場演出及錄像讓戴上一系列動物面具的編舞家猴角在柬埔寨阿林河谷的熱帶雨林中起舞,那裡被稱為東南亞最後的野生區域之一。那些面具是科威·森南花了兩年時間跟闖族社群做硏究並製作的。通過收集原住民代代相傳的神話故事,面譜的靈感來自圖騰,亦代表了森林動物的靈。戴上面具的同時,舞者遂漸被靈附體,幻化成混種生物。




本演出及工作坊與馬凌畫廊Edouard Malingue Gallery聯合舉辦,乃Caroline Ha Thuc策展的《神話的建構》Constructing Mythologies展覽其中一部分。策展人與藝術家有關柬埔寨藝術與生態的對談將於9月14日在馬凌畫廊舉行。














對談:9月14日,下午6時,科威·森南及猴角與Caroline Ha Thuc有關柬埔寨藝術與生態的討論

地點:馬凌畫廊,香港中環德輔道中33 號6 樓 


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