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Yu-Chen Wan, The Island
Scarlet Yu, ReadMEmory
Elysa Wendi, 10 x 10
Yu-Chen Wang, The Island


Chai Wan Mei Art & Design Festival

March 2015



Tell Me a Tale marked the debut of WING Platform for Performance. Crossing the borders between visual art, dance and theatre in an intimate relation with the audience, the event reflects a vision that focuses on sharing space, time and ideas to develop artistic practices in relation with a local environment and an international arts community.


Two Hong Kong based choreographers Elysa Wendi and Scarlet Yu re-thought space and time in choreography to share their specific narratives with the visitors of the festival. During the intriguing one to one performance Read MEmory Scarlet Yu engaged the spectator in a re-creation of the choreographer’s autobiography challenging the border between the private and the public. Elysa Wendi borrowed 100 books from ten local choreographers to create a daily-changing reading performance in dialogue with the space and the people visiting the library.


To bring the visitor to the heart of Chai Wan neighborhood Caroline Ha Thuc collected stories from people living in the area. During Chai Wan Mei two actors, Cantonese and English speaking, transmitted the collected stories to the passersby embodying many tales and ghost stories present in the area today.


The post-industrial setting of Chai Wan seemed to be the perfect setting for Yu-Chen Wang’s journey to a lost industrial future. In the dynamic relation between drawings made directly on the wall and flyers distributed by ‘the Messengers’ the public imagined the story of a sinking island and its terrified population on the edge of disappearance.


Didier Faustino’s parasitic performance operated in various spaces going from streets, industrial corridors and lifts to various private spaces, questioning the relation between the body and its architectural surroundings.


The theme of Storytelling was also a source of inspiration for the video-screening program And the Story Goes curated by Hitomi Hasegawa focusing  on different forms of storytelling through a selection of video works from the MIACA archive, featuring artists Kenji Iwaisawa, Map Office, Masanobu Nishino, Mai Yamashita + Naoto Kobayashi, Hikaru Suzuki, Adrian Wong and Li Xiaofei.



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