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Friday 9 October 7.00-10.00 pm



The Belgian artist duo R&F F&R will be in residence in WING from 28 September till 14 October 2015. They construct a multiform oeuvre of visual arts, video, theater and performance. Although the media is almost every time different, their works create a very unique universe using a specific visual language. The key in this process is transformation and humor.


During a one evening event with performance, video, sculpture and dialogue the artists will present their unique art catalogue ‘GUNS’ for the first time in Asia and give an insight of their eclectic body of work. Part of the work on show will be the new project ‘BANZAI’ that will be produced during their residency in Hong Kong.


R&F F&R’s first publication 'GUNS' is an art catalogue documenting the 400 wooden firearms they made during a one-month study related to the form and symbol of a gun. ‘Dealing with killing hardware and all its social, political, economical, cultural and sexual ramifications, the Guns-project (2014), which consists of 400 hand-made wooden weapons, leaves no room for ambiguity. It is distinctly about guns, yet the project offers a productive lead to reflect upon a broad set of issues, from the production and distribution of fire weapons, to the guns’ presence in our everyday lives and social imaginaries. Not only does the Guns-project reflect the global omnipresence of fire weapons (be it in the media, in the film industry or in our direct environment), it equally touches upon some recent questions concerning the DIY-manufacturing of armory.’ (Laura Herman, ‘GUNS’).

The book as well as some of the wooden gun sculptures will be at show in WING. 


Beside the presentation of existing work R&F F&R will present the very first output of their new public space experiment called ‘BANZAI’. They consist of small wooden suitcases with hand luggage dimensions transforming into performative installations creating different images or spontaneous actions in streets, homes and natural sites of Hong Kong and China. Every suitcase has a different content and goal.  Some are conceived as small installations or sculptures while others are rather conceptual and spiritual in nature dealing with mantras and viewers interaction.


Date: 9 October 2015

Time: 7.00 – 10.00 pm

Place: WING Platform for Performance, 2102 Industrial City Phase 2, 70 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan

Free entrance & drinks


Please note: Entrance during evening hours through Parking City Phase 2 on Sheung On Street.










比利時藝術家二人組合R&F F&R將會在2015年9月28日至10月14日進駐永天台。他們運用多元藝術形式創造混合視覺藝術、錄像、戲劇和表演的作品。儘管使用的媒介幾乎每次都不同,他們的作品總是透過特殊的視覺語言來創造獨特的世界。在這個過程中,關鍵就是轉化和幽默感。




R&F F&R的首本出版書籍“GUNS”是一本藝術作品冊,記錄了他們為期一個月就槍之形式及符號的研究所製作出的四百枝木槍。「Guns作品( 2014年)涉及到殺人武器和所有在社會、政治、經濟、文化和性層面上的衍生物,其中包括四百枝手製的木料武器,寓意活靈活現。這是明顯關於槍火的,但該作品有效地引導著我們反思一系列廣泛問題,如武器的生產和分發,以及槍於我們的日常生活和社會幻想中的無處不在。Guns作品不僅反映了槍火武器在全球無處不在(無論在媒體、電影界或我們身處的環境),它也涉及到一些最近關於自製軍械的問題。」(Laura Herman,“GUNS”)。



除了介紹現時的作品,R&F F&R亦會展示他們新鮮出爐的公共空間實驗的成果“BANZAI”。由尺寸像手提行李般的木箱造成,它們被轉化成表演裝置,在香港和中國的街道、房屋和自然景點中創造出不同的影像或人們自發的行動。每個手提箱都有不同的內容和目標。有的被設計成小型裝置或雕塑,有的則是較為概念性和建立於精神本質上,與頌歌和觀眾的互動有關。


日期:  2015年10月9日

時間:  晚上7時 – 10時







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