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Shane Aspegren and Adrian Wong

Third-Eye Kaleidoscope

永天台藝術駐留 2015年3月126日

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On Saturday 26th March WING presents Third-Eye Kaleidoscope, a kinetic light and surround-sound performance, employing specific frequencies of the cosmos and a custom fabricated Dreamachine.


Third-Eye Kaleidoscope is an ongoing series of interventions by Shane Aspegren (US) and Adrian Wong (US) aimed at tracing the development of the New Age movement and its related principles, beliefs, and practices. Initially taking hold in the West in the 1960’s and 70’s, New Ageism was fueled by an influx of Eastern philosophies, propagating an alternative to the normative structures of the Judeo-Christian framework. These philosophies were inevitably melded with various homegrown forms of mysticism, to yield its dizzying constellation of pantheistic and hybridized forms—forms that have now made their way back East.This New New Age is the subject of this present investigation.  


Hong Kong is uniquely positioned both as a place where many of New Ageism’s roots can be traced back to, and as a place where its modern practice is thriving. At present, the city is home to over one hundred yoga studios, an international center for transcendental meditation, six institutions teaching the practice of Reiki, the largest metaphysics and astrology center in Southern China, two autonomous schools of animal communication, and a New Age studies center which boasts over a thousand members.


With the support of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

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