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WING is a non-profit organization for performance founded in 2015 by Leslie Van Eyck focusing on the crossover between dance, visual art theatre and other hybrid art practices. WING acts as platform between the local art field and a broad network of artists and institutions stimulating international exchanges in the local community. WING is situated in the industrial neighborhood of Chai Wan, a dynamic area with a growing community of artists, designers and creative industries.


WING’s vision focuses on sharing space, time and ideas to develop artistic practices in relation with a local environment and an international arts community. WING aims to create a unique platform to nourish local micro cosmoses through residencies, performances, artist talks, workshops and more. Being a very personal initiative the choice of WING’s activities depends on occasional but defining encounters. On a changing pace WING tends to grow organically with people based in Hong Kong or coming from overseas and reaching out to local and international visitors. 


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